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We’re the Brand Management and Retailing Agency Based in XYZ.

Our Case Studies defines that we’re always stand out in competition.

Team Work and Network Building

Sophisticated Shops has the top-notch quality team member to pursues their tasks and assist their valuable customers so they can definitely get the value what they looking looking for. Our huge amassed network has made us a well-reputed company that always come up with solutions to make customers ease of access.

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Work-horse Team Members


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Brands Satisfaction

What we do for you

As a full-time Retailing business, Sophisticated Shops ensures that customers get the outcomes they want. Our Company focuses on assisting E-commerce ecosystem and its clients. To help you boost sales, we’ve spent years working with customer’s  search algorithm, advertising platforms, conversion rate optimization, channel management, and more. Our team delves deep into, cleans up, and improves partner marketplace presence. We collaborate with brand partners to enforce MAP and remove non-compliant resellers using our pricing monitoring analytics. We match our brand partners’ best interests with our own, and we back it up with action.

Our Trusted Partners

These are our trusted retailer partners that we carry all over our platform.

Meet our team

We have our dedicated powerful team members that fulfills all the tasks perfectly within their skills and departments.

Lillian Nordmann
Ceo and founder

Alexander Berg
Co founder

Christian Hansen

Brit Andreassen
Social media

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